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JavaScript is the most demanded programming language in recent tech world. Basically, it was created to build dynamic website. Now it is also used as server-side language to manage website server. So gradually its demand is increasing almost in all technology related company. That’s why every year they hire lots of JavaScript developer. If you think you are good JavaScript developer you can jump for the job and before you start jumping you must know some JavaScript interview questions and their answers. Lets explore some JavaScript important questions and answers.

1. Double equal ( = = ) vs triple equal…

ReactJS is the most popular JavaScript library, not a JavaScript framework. This is a component-based JavaScript library that is to build single-page applications. React was first introduced in 2011 by the Facebook developer and Facebook was the first React-based web apps. Nowadays react is also popular for client-side and server-side language. So gradually react online resource is increasing to create a website more interactive. Let’s learn some important topics about ReactJS.

1. Virtual DOM

This is the more core feature of React. Actually, virtual DOM works like tree structures. If you create any website using vanilla JavaScript, HTML, CSS every time, if you…

I can see JavaScript everywhere. From beginner to advance websites are built with JavaScript which is almost millions and millions. Nearest future its user experience will broaden day by day. HTML and CSS give the website style on the other side JavaScript makes that website dynamic that means live. JavaScript can use both sides that mean client-side and server-side. So, let's discuss some JavaScript fundamentals and core concepts.


JavaScript has different types of functions. Let’s discuss them

1. Arrow function:

This function was introduced in ES6. This is the short form of regular function which works almost the same…

JavaScript is the world’s most popular and widely used programming language. Basically, JavaScript used to build dynamic client-side webpages. But recently it is also using to complete backend side solution. Which is used NodeJS.

This interesting language was invented by Brendan Eich in 1995 and it was first released in 1996. First time it was called Live Script. JavaScript is also known as ECMAScript.

Basic Overview of JavaScript:

JavaScript is a dynamic, multi-paradigm object-oriented programming language. Besides these JavaScript also support functional programming. Here are some JavaScript value types are given below:

· Number

· String

· Boolean

· Symbol

· Function

· Object…

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